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  The New Resume Rules: What’s In and What’s Out


  7 Hints for Evaluating Your Resume


  Fashion changes, and resume styles change, too. If you have solidskills and work experience but your resume isn’t getting any bites, you might need a resume makeover。


  Take a free resume test to see if your resume has what it takes to pass the 10-second scan and get results. And check out the "what’s in, what’s out" info below to help make your resume more cutting-edge。


  1. In: A professional summary at the top of your resume. This sells you like nothing else on your resume does。


  Out:An objective statement at the top of your resume. Nothing says "outdated" like an objective。


  "Ditch it immediately," advises Jack Williams, vice president of national sales and recruiting for Staffing Technologies, in Atlanta. Employers don’t care what a potential hire wants to do. "They care whether they can do what the employer needs them to do," he says。

  Jack Williams是亚特兰大Staffing Technologies公司的国际销售和招聘副总裁,他建议说:“马上删除掉。雇主不会关心一位候选人想要做什么。他们关心的是该候选人能否按照他们的需求去做。”

  2.In:Resumes that are easy on the eyes。


  "I don’t have time to read through each resume and search for the important points. They need to jump out at me," says Mike Earley, vice president of resource management at MyWire, a media aggregation site. Earley says hot resumes are organized with bullet points, not paragraphs, and have enough white space to look clean and visually interesting。

  MyWire是一个综合媒体网站,其人力资源副总Mike Earley说:“我没时间去看每一份简历,然后找出其中的重点部分。它们需要马上跳入我的眼帘。” Earley说好的简历都是非常有条理地列出要点,而不是一段一段,并且空出很多空白的地方看起来很干净、有视觉冲击效果。

  Out:Resumes that are "grey," with large chunks of unbroken text that require recruiters to slow down. Chances are they won’t take the time。


  3.In:A customized resume. Tailor every resume you send out for the job you’re seeking。


  Out:A cookie-cutter approach: same resume for every job. These were from the days before home computers, when changing a resume was a really big deal。


  4.In:A two-to-three-page resume when you really need the space。


  Out:A one-page resume when you really need two or three pages。


  "One-page resumes are a myth," says Williams. "No talented person with more than five years experience can fairly summarizetheir experience in one page."


  5.In:Selling yourself. The best way to do this, Earley says, is through quantifying your accomplishments. "When describing what you did on a job, be sure to include the results. Your accomplishments are key," says Earley. For instance, if you’re an office manager, don’t just say you "organized a system to track outside vendors." Conclude with a real result, like "reduced operating costs by one-third."


  Out:Not being your own best marketing and sales department. "Gone are the days of just listing job titles and responsibilities," says Leslie Sokol, co-author of "Think Confident, Be Confident."

  错误的做法:没有成为自己最好的销售部门。“那些只单单在简历上列出职位和责任的日子已经不存在了。” "Think Confident, Be Confident." 的作者之一Leslie Sokol说。

  6. In:Including links to websites for all companies on your resume, and, if possible, a brief description of each company. "Few do this, but it is always well-received," says Williams. "Hiring managers have an interest in knowing what a company does and what your previousposition there had to do with that."

  正确的做法:在你的简历中添加上各个公司的主页链接,并且如果可能的话还加上一小段公司介绍。Williams 说:“很少有人会这样做,但是这样却会收到很好的效果。招聘经理都有兴趣想知道你的前任公司是做什么的,以及你在那家公司里的工作是做些什么。”

  Out:Assuming hirers know your old company or don’t need to know.


  7. In:Including your LinkedIn or other social network address in your resume’s header. Make sure it’s a custom ("vanity") URL if it’s LinkedIn (these are free).


  Out:Not being up-to-date with social networking。


  Following these ins and outs will make your resume shine and help you to land your dream job. Take a free career test to find a job you’ll really love。



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